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Revd Jonathan Macy

Revd Jonathon Macey

Church of the Cross Minister: Revd Jonathan Macy

Church of the Cross

Built in the early 70s, Church of The Cross is in the heart of the South Thamesmead Estate, much used by the local community for numerous activities throughout the week. 

Church of The Cross is part of a local ecumenical partnership (LEP), where it works closely with the Anglican, Methodist and URC churches. As such its style and worship is broadly of an evangelical style, being informal and accessible.
The leader of Church of The Cross is Jonathan Macy. Even though Jonathan is an ordained Anglican minister, the church itself retains aspects of the original ecumenical vision, and so is difficult to pigeon-hole easily as either Anglican, Methodist or URC. Nevertheless, everybody is welcome to come and pray, worship and listen to God’s word being preached, and so meet with the Living and life-changing God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit, and meet with God’s people here at Church of The Cross.

The Wider Thamesmead Team

Church of The Cross is part of the wider Thamesmead Team, which includes St Paul’s and William Temple, and it is a team with a strong ecumenical ethos. The Thamesmead parish stretches from Woolwich Arsenal right the way through to Abbey Wood, and has three congregations within it. Church of The Cross is at the Abbey Wood end of the parish. Statistically, Thamesmead is the largest parish in Southwark Diocese (and third largest in the country), with a population of about 50,000; it has three churches; sixteen primary schools, three secondary schools, six residential care homes, three prisons and a football club. 

St Paul's

St Paul’s can be found on Bentham Road, Thamesmead, SE28 8AS, and the lead minister there is the Team Rector, Revd Patrick Eggleston. St Paul’s is more in the modern Catholic tradition. The Sunday service begins at 9.45am, with children’s groups. There is also a quieter and more reflective midweek communion service on Tuesdays at 10am.

Patrick can be contacted on: 020 8312 0731 // 07788 563 253 // peggleston@ymail.com

William Temple

William Temple can be found on Eynsham Drive (SE2 9PT). Currently they have no vicar. As with St Paul’s, its church tradition is more in the modern Catholic style. Sunday services are at 10.30am with a children’s group, with a quieter midweek communion service on Thursdays at 10.30am.

WIlliam Temple can be contacted on: 020 8312 2566